Who we are:

Instaporta platform aims to connect brands with celebgrams to work together and create a brilliant campaign. 

Why Instaporta

The platform provides brands with opportunity to work with celebgrams from different countries without affecting their limited financial resources and celebgrams on the other hand to accept campaign offer from brands that suits their passion and help them grow their professional network easily and efficiently

The marketplace becomes the best business model right now.

The promotion via instagram is one of  the best way to build brand awarness

Instaporta has a sophisticated system, safe and very comfortable to use by all members. It’s able to accommodate all people needs of their business on Instagram.

With well equipped B2C system, Brand and Celebgram can do everything at Instaporta and they can build a mutually beneficial business partnership here.

Like most of the marketplaces, Instaporta has an easy and complete payment system. Also, it has a detailed transaction system for Brands and Celebgrams.

Value proposition

For Celebgram

  • It is simple way to save hours of time

With Instaporta, Celebgram doesn’t need to communicate one by one with prospective customers, because all the required data available in the system and they can just request a schedule for paid promote and endorsement directly.

  • The Celebgram will meet hundreds or even thousands of serious customers.

Mostly the Instaporta’s member has a balance on their account, and they are ready to make a transaction with  Celebgram.

Celebgram can freely choose beetween two options, to open up their service charge to public or to some customers only. Celebgram sholud be focused on service, and lets Instaporta focus on finding serious customers.

For Brands

  • Freedom to choose

Every brand can choose the most suitable Celebgram for their product.

  • Highly secure payment system.

The money or balance is accommodated in Instaporta, until the Celebgram had finished to do the endorsement.